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In 1992, IT-supported workplace management was dominated by a few established players. Those bulky and complex solutions may have been a boon for those vendors, but they wound up frustrating IT departments. 

Firmly believing that adding more complex systems cannot be the answer to IT complexity, 30 passionate IT experts decided to challenge the status quo. Knowing they could do better, they started designing solutions that would increase user productivity, reduce the burden on IT, while making measurable contributions to the success of the business.

Elegant solutions that exemplify simplicity are baked into our DNA. Just like you, we are focused on the essentials of enabling real productivity and value.

42 - The Ultimate Answer

Enabling a digital workforce demands you have full control and transparency over IT and your supporting business processes. Managing this successfully requires your tools to be simple, secure and easy so you can do more with less. With this goal in mind, our first line of code was written in 1992, and to this day, it is still the core of our DNA and the heart of Matrix42.

The name Matrix42 is derived from two cult classics that embody this goal: amazing technical prowess in the digital world of "The Matrix" and Douglas Adam´s "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", in which “42” is the ultimate answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management Makes IT Simple and Secure

Matrix42’s innovative Digital Workspace Management suite helps balance IT and business needs. It reduces the cost and traditional burdens placed on IT, while guaranteeing compliance and ensuring the security of sensitive company data on all platforms. The suite allows IT to manage all devices, apps and services simply and securely in a holistic solution with consistent processes. Matrix42 Digital Workspace Management integrates seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and can be operated in the cloud, on your own servers or as a hybrid model.

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