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Unified Endpoint Management

Manage all devices, applications and data in one central solution. Your users are productive and satisfied. Sensitive data remain secure.

Explore why Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management has everything you need for device management

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management combines the benefits of modern Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and traditional Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) in one solution.

Single management of all systems

Comfortable and standardized management of workstations, agent-based or via the MDM layer - whether mobile, stationary or in the cloud.

High employee satisfaction

The flexibility of the solution and the high degree of automation delight users. There is a free choice of end devices. Devices and applications are provided quickly and automatically.

Fully customizable, highly integrated

All Matrix42 products are based on the low-code SolutionBuilder, which allows you to adapt the solution via drag & drop, and automate it with the Workflow Studio.


Single Pane of Glass - a central repository for all processes

  • Autodiscovery for full transparency: Matrix42 Inventory automatically provides an up-to-date overview of all hardware and software in use. Even virtual machines and hybrid devices, such as those running under Windows 10, are identified, assigned and their relationships documented.

  • Optimization of Data Quality: By integrating Matrix42 Inventory into Service and Software Asset Management, you can make relevant data available in a central database across all processes. It forms the basis for optimizing your Service Management processes, optimizing license costs and IT Asset Management costs.

  • Intuitive and ease to use: See in real time what is running on a client and define installation windows when it suits you best. Comprehensive authorization management allows you to delegate tasks to less specialized employees and even individual users.

  • Flexible control – via the API, you can easily control actions in your inventory via PowerShell, Matrix42 Workflow Studio or custom programming.

Maintain 100% control over your applications and devices at all times

  • Automation of ordering and approval processes: Through integration with the Matrix42 Service Catalog, your users can easily order hardware, software and (cloud) services via self-service. Release and approval processes can be completed on the move, directly via a web browser or fully automated.

  • Zero Touch IT deployment processes: The process of software deployment, distribution and installation is also triggered automatically. Licenses and costs are booked directly to the correct cost center. IT remains relaxed as Zero Touch IT becomes the standard for onboarding new employees. IT and users benefit from faster software installation and a reduced error rate. The number of satisfied users increases rapidly.

  • Easy to use powerful tools: Automate and simplify recurring tasks relating to installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling packages and releases.

  • Users are satisfied and remain productive: In the run-up to installations and updates, you can inform affected users about the upcoming measures. Depending on the criticality, the non-interference function of the clients is taken into account so that important events are not affected. In addition, you can assign users additional rights for the conditional postponement of installations or avoid unnecessary disruptions by adjusting the installation sequence.

Save valuable time with the Package Cloud

  • Over 3,500 pre-packaged and quality-tested software packages: Through the Matrix42 Package Cloud cloud service, you always have access to pre-packaged business applications that are suitable for distribution via the Unified Endpoint Management Client Lifecycle Management.

  • Save valuable time during packaging: During mass rollouts, operating system migrations and feature updates you save additional time and stay in control.

  • Flexible customization: Packages can be customized to your needs and are regularly updated by Matrix42 packaging experts.

Simple and replicable software packaging without expert knowledge

  • Package once, replicate as many times as you like: With the Matrix42 Package Robot extension, you install new software exactly once. The installation recorder records the packaging process in detail from start to finish, including all mouse and keyboard entries or browser authentications.

  • Flexibly customizable and precise: Recorded packages are automatically packed as .EXE files and can be manually adjusted if required. The recorded installation process is performed precisely. Especially for software that is difficult to package, you benefit from the Matrix42 Package Robot's visual WYSIWYG.
Learn more about Package Robot

Providing mobile workplaces simply and securely

Greater flexibility and productivity must never be at the expense of safety, and vice versa.

  • Manage all mobile devices in one solution: With Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management you can manage all your mobile and hybrid devices running Windows 10, Android, Android for Work, iPadOS, macOS or iOS in one central solution and via one end-to-end process.

  • Zero-Touch IT Deployment: Send devices to your employees before they are onboarded, without setup. With Windows 10 Autopilot onboarding of self-service devices is a breeze. End-to-end registration for Windows 10 and macOS devices is done in a single product thanks to the powerful combination of traditional client management and modern mobile device management.

  • Separation of private and business data: Private data and applications remain private and strictly separated from sensitive company data. Our own security containers ensure separate data storage, regardless of whether it is the employee's device (BYOD) or a company device (COPE). With a single OneTimePassword (OTP) "Bring Your Own (BYOX)" variants are accommodated, and the devices can be used securely within the company.

  • Security in case of device loss: You cannot prevent the loss of devices, but you can prevent the loss of your data. Wipe functions enable you to remotely delete all sensitive company data.

  • Easy control and optimization of costs: Push configuration and control including real-time control of data costs (especially for roaming)

Flexible and secure deployment of the right applications 

You retain complete control over applications and data at all times - security is the top priority.

  • Mobile Self-Service: Via the Matrix42 Service Catalog you provide your employees with a secure workspace with all the apps and (cloud) services they need to be productive at all times. 

  • Unlimited flexibility, but controlled: You decide which apps and files your employees can open on their smartphones and tablets. Control policies automatically provide the right access rights based on role, location and authorization.

  • Anywhere, anytime access to the Enterprise App Catalog: Give your employees secure access to cloud services, mobile apps, web and Windows applications on any device. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet or laptop, with the App Catalog and secure Single Sign On (SSO) logon, your employees are productive and sensitive data is always secure.

Mobile and secure synchronization and exchange of content

  • Easier access to stored data: View, duplicate, move, rename files on your mobile devices. With the Companion App, enable your employees to securely access sensitive company data and personal work documents on your corporate network, e.g. via Sharepoint and Office 365.

  • Create and share new documents: Easily add and synchronize new files and folders from within the Files App, provided you have the appropriate permissions. Capture images from the app or upload them from the photo library.

  • Secure data at all times: With Endpoint Data Protection your data remains secure and encrypted, even when you are on the move. On-the-fly decryption enables you to access the data securely. You can encrypt new data on-the-fly as soon as it is uploaded. The encryption meets the requirements of the AES 265 and FIPS140-2 standards.

  • Secure container control: For unmanaged "Bring your own (BYOX)" devices, there is a strict separation between private and business data. Your users receive a fully protected application for using all corporate communications, e.g. e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, camera, gallery, file manager and browser. The transfer of data to other applications can be completely prevented.

Efficient management across all platforms

  • Cross-platform OS Management: Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management lets you manage all endpoints, regardless of operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux).

  • Easy and secure rollout of operating systems and updates: Distribute and install Windows operating systems easily using unattended, unicast or multicast imaging, via PXE network boot, CD/DVD or USB stick. The correct device drivers are automatically detected and taken into account during installation.

  • Easy Windows 10 migrations: Windows 10 migrations succeed safely and in a controlled manner, even in distributed environments via wipe and load, in-place update or runtime provisioning.

  • Convenient Mac management: Users self-provision their Mac devices with the latest macOS operating system. The Matrix42 Depot Server including the Matrix42 PXE installed there is used as the server.

Always stay up to date and protected

  • Automatic software updates ensure security: With Matrix42 Patch Management you achieve compliance and avoid unnecessary risks from attacks on outdated systems.

  • Automatic patch management for your devices: Ensure smooth operation of your Windows systems by reliably installing the latest patches. Automatic scans by product or operating system, identify potential security vulnerabilities and available updates. More than 500,000 patches from Microsoft, Adobe, Java, and more than 100 other software vendors ensure that known vulnerabilities are permanently closed.

  • Easy handling and control: Users or groups are provided with the correct software patches according to role, and devices remain secure. You can assign patches to different user groups and end devices via drag-and-drop, and have them installed automatically. Complete audit reports ensure correct prioritization and scheduling of patch installation, taking into account load balancing.

  • Comprehensive Mac Management: Of course, your Mac users get the native applications they are used to working with on their Mac. For Mac client management, you use the same vault servers, protocols and standards as for Windows devices. From Mac applications to pkg packages to shell scripts – all common formats for the Mac, including macOS images for OS installation, are covered.

Operating systems

Flexibility begins with platform support. Your employees are used to the comfort of their preferred operating system and the corresponding apps. With Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management, you can support all common operating systems.


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